My story



You might know me as a swimmer, and, perhaps you know a few things about my career like…

  • I’m a two-time US swimming Olympian (‘08 Beijing and ‘12 London Olympics)

  • I’m a 5-time World Champion in the distance freestyles events (you know…the ones you go on a walk during because you know when you get back they’ll still be swimming!)

  • I won 15 medals in international competition - eight golds, five silvers, and two bronze

  • I broke the oldest standing World Record in the 1500-meter freestyle by 10 seconds, previously held by a swimming legend (and hero of mine) Janet Evans

But, my story is about so much more than accomplishments, and that’s the story I want you to know!

You might think, because of the records and medals, I “had it all together” - cool, calm, collected, confident, and competitive as heck. But, you’d be wrong - well, maybe not about the competitive part… Truth is, while I may have appeared that way on the outside, it couldn’t have been farther from the truth!

For years I struggled with self-doubt, negative self-talk, fears, anxiety, and a deep feeling that I wasn’t good enough nor could I ever be good enough. I kept chasing records and medals, hoping that they’d give me the confidence and peace I so desired, yet it never came. That is, until I hit rock bottom…

After failing to medal (despite being a gold medal favorite) at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics due to poor mindset, injury, and illness, I was fed up, frustrated, lost, burnt out, and deeply unhappy with myself. My negative self-talk was worse than ever, and I couldn’t have told you a single personal strength or positive thing about myself. So, I took a break from swimming and embarked on a soul searching adventure to find freedom from the doubts that had destroyed my confidence and the anxiety that ate me up when facing decisions, challenges, and competition. Through working with world renowned sports psychologists, mindfulness and meditation gurus, journaling exercises, and a lot of self-reflection and introspection, I realized a few truths:

  • CLARITY provides grounding, focus, and motivation. I lost sight of my WHY early in my career. I started swimming for other people; swimming for approval; swimming because I didn’t know what else to do. I certainly wasn’t swimming for myself and I wasn’t enjoying it. Knowing YOUR why is essential to living an intentional life. It’s defined by your values, principles, goals, purpose, calling - or all of the above! Regardless of what it is and how you define it, your why must be just that - YOURS! Find it and you’ll find the motivation to push through the uncomfortable, face down fears, and live a life of intentionality.

  • CONFIDENCE does not come from championship wins and fancy credentials. Confidence comes from knowing that each and every one of us is ENOUGH, and choosing to live that truth every day, starting right now. Sure, we all have room to grow - that’s the fun of life - but we don’t have to wait to be confident until we get the title, accolade, or whatever else it is we are chasing because that’s not the source of confidence anyway.

  • CONSISTENCY is the key for success and sustainability. We are all on a journey and it’s a marathon NOT a sprint. There will be peaks and valleys. Patience is paramount, and setbacks can either make you bitter or better; the choice is yours. Consistently choosing to get back in the ring to fight; consistently choosing to be excellent in the details, and, building consistent, healthy habits to care for yourself in and out of your performance arena is essential to sustainable success.

These are just a few of the truths that drive me to be the best I can be every day and to encourage and empower others to do the same. It is because of my journey and hearing too many other young women and athletes face the same struggles that I am so passionate about helping people who feel stuck, unsure, lonely, lost, and frustrated get on the path to maximizing their potential through building clarity, confidence, and consistency.

I am here to help you

Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to break through a mental blockage, an unsure athlete desiring clarity and direction as you transition from sport to career, or young woman needing a battling doubt and negative self-talk, my passion and expertise is helping you achieve your potential through finding clarity, confidence, and consistency.

Want to ask a question or start the conversation to getting yourself back on track? I’d love to hear from you! You can connect with me right here: