Have to be in it to Win it

1 in 302,575,350…

The odds weren’t in my favor

But Tuesday night, I was a player.

I bought a mega millions ticket

Secretly thinking I just might hit it.

Alas, I’m not rolling in the green;

But, the drawing has left me pondering…

Knowing the odds, why do we play the lottery

Yet not take other opportunities we deem too “risky”?

I don’t speak up, give it a shot, or put myself out there.

The odds of failure seemingly too great to bare.

Waiting until I “have it all together”

Then I’ll take on that tough endeavor. 

I hold myself back too often, it’s true.

Perhaps, you find yourself doing it too?

If so, maybe it’s time we take a chance and say yes!

With a can do attitude, embracing the process.

We might hit the jackpot or maybe not 

Regardless, at least we’ll know we gave it a shot!

Who knows the results - win, lose, or draw

Sometimes just taking the chance is the biggest win of all. 💰

Kate ZieglerComment