Mastering your mind doesn’t stop with one-on-one coaching and mentorship through RISE! Elevate your team’s satisfaction and success in and out of the arena through multi-day workshops focused around building a winning mindset individually and as a team.

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ELEVATION Mental Training


It happens all the time. Coaches feel frustrated because their athletes have all the potential in the world - they are talented and work hard - yet fixed, negative mindsets are limiting their success and joy in and out of sport.

Talent and a great work ethic are just two of the factors for success. It doesn’t matter how talented and hardworking you are if you don’t have the mindset to RACE.

Results = Attitude + Capabilities + Execution

Negative self-talk, lack of confidence, fear of failure, and unmanaged nerves and anxiety are just a few of the mindset traps facing athletes and teams. But, good news! They can all be addressed through proven mental training and mindfulness techniques available to your team through the ELEVATION Mental Training Workshops.

Workshops are offered in a variety of formats ranging from a few hours to two days, depending on your team’s needs. All workshops include a motivational talk(s) and interactive discussion. In addition, longer formats may include:

  • Individual, one-on-one coaching sessions ranging from 30 minutes to an hour

  • Mindfulness training

  • Visualization sessions

  • Small group break out sessions

  • On deck coaching (for swim teams)

During these multi-day workshops, your team will:

  • Learn the pillars of success - CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and CONSISTENCY – and how to develop and apply these principles for greater individual and team success.

  • Gain the resources and tools necessary for building mental resiliency - the X factor distinguishing the good from the great.

  • Experience transformational team-building trainings, elevating individual and team engagement and success.

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Elevation workshops differ from traditional mental toughness trainings by focusing on the development of the whole person, not just the athlete. We are people first. Limiting mental training to just the performance arena limits long-term development and success. Challenges like lack of confidence, vision, perspective, organizational and leadership skills are not isolated to the performance arena, and, when unaddressed, seep into all aspects of life, deteriorating success and satisfaction along the way.

The solution? Treat athletes as people first and see they flourish in ALL aspects of life.




I absolutely LOVED her presentations and thought they were extremely helpful. The tips she shared and methods she used in her presentations were realistic to practice too.
— Ali, High School Volleyball player, attendee
Kate did a fabulous job!! It was so delightful to have her in Tyler and spend time with our kids!! The mental training helped my son keep in mind that it is ok to maintain a healthy self esteem and still be kind and friendly. He gained great perspective and refocused his energy on swimming for himself and not for others. Kate’s words and the techniques she taught in the mental training session were amazing!!
— Lubica Pitonakova, mother of Thomas, attendee
Kate talked about tricky subjects women athletes struggle a lot with, like self-confidence, yet, made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. Her transparency about her struggles put us at ease.
— Mary, Runner, attendee
I loved having her visit us! I think I really needed to hear what she had to say. Her message to be confident and comfortable with the uncomfortable was VERY EMPOWERING. She got us engaged and encouraged us to think about our feelings, which we sometimes bottle up as athletes. She was so good at making us feel comfortable talking about them.
— Elizabeth, Division 1 swimmer, attendee
She talked to us like equals and was so humble about her accomplishments and in telling her story. She genuinely listened to what we all had to say. And, I really liked the activities she had us do. I think all the valuable information she gave us will make a big impact on my swimming. I loved working with her!
— Division 1 Collegiate Swimmer, attendee
She really changed my perspective on how I look at myself and introduced me to so many helpful techniques that I can use now. She was relatable, charismatic, easy to talk to, and I could tell she was really listening to me and my concerns during the one-on-one sessions.
— Laura, Division 1 Swimmer, attendee
I want her to come back! I really liked her presentation and wish I’d had the chance to meet with her one-on-one. She didn’t just tell us to fix something. She gave us great techniques to implement immediately.
— Elevation Workshop attendee
As a parent it is always nice when your children can talk face to face with someone who has been in their shoes and who can show them that hard work does pay off and they can reach their dreams. I think your clinic was wonderful, the way that you made each child feel special and the way you listen to all of their questions and stories was great.
— Nicole Minnott, reflecting on her daughter's experience at Elevation workshop
I loved her message and advice! It’s already helping me change my mindset on deck and in life. Her message to the team as a whole was very relevant and well delivered. She was so relatable and personable. What stood out most, perhaps, was she was open, honest, and genuinely made people feel listened to.
— Kelly, Division 1 Collegiate swimmer, attendee