Feel like your mindset is limiting your performance in or out of your performance arena?
Take the quiz below and I’ll follow up with your results and recommendations for mastering your mindset.

Mindset Assessment *
Mindset Assessment
Directions: Please respond to the ALL statements below by selecting response that best applies. After you have completed the form, select "submit" to send to Kate for a free analysis.
I have the utmost belief in my ability to achieve my goals.
I am self-conscious and worry about what others think about my performance.
I don’t have any unique qualities that will help me succeed.
I believe that obstacles can be overcome.
I am self-conscious and worry about how others may perceive me.
When I fail to reach my goals, it makes me try even harder.
I have a hard time setting goals and creating a plan to meet those goals.
I bounce back after disappointments, seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.
Fear and/or fear of failure motivates me and impacts my competition.
Sometimes I don’t know why I play my sport or what motivates me.
Before or during competitions I frequently feel anxious, worry, overanalyze, and run through “what ifs.”
When a negative thought comes into my head, I quickly switch it to a positive one.
I either feel overly excited or not excited enough going into a competition, which makes it hard to perform my best.
I struggle quieting my mind and often overlook things.
I control distracting thoughts when performing.
I make sound, rational decisions under pressure.
I thrive on taking risks and trying new things.
I know how to relax during tense moments.
I love learning about things that are unfamiliar.
I like routine and feel most confident when I know what’s next.
My routines are not well defined or lack mental focus in routine.
I often lose focus or have mental lapses during critical times of the game.
I find myself going through motions physically without mental focus or intensity.
I frequently find myself losing track of time. Once I start something I like to see it through to the end.
I can focus just about anywhere. People and noise do not distract me.
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