Performance Coaching Testimonials

Kate the BEST mentor EVER! I look forward to my sessions with her every single week. I am so much more confident; much more aware of negative self-talk and I’m working to change it; and I compare myself to others much less, which was a huge challenge for me. She’s helped me so much!
— Jenna, RISE athlete
As a parent it is always nice when your children can talk face to face with someone who has been in their shoes and who can show them that hard work does pay off and they can reach their dreams. I think your clinic was wonderful, the way that you made each child feel special and the way you listen to all of their questions and stories was great.
— Nicole Minott on her daughters' experience at Kate's Elevation workshop
Kate has been such an amazing role model for me. I love our connection and our similarities give her a way to always have a solution to my concerns! I really appreciate the time and effort she puts into me and I see her as someone I can always confide in.
— Lara, RISE athlete
Kate is AWESOME! Having her as a mentor has made a huge difference in my training and competitions. She’s really nice, easy to talk to, and understand me and my sport. It’s helped so much!
— Samantha, RISE athlete
One of the hardest workers to ever choose our sport. One of the best I’ve seen. Plus, she’s a racer of the first class. If you wanted to pick a role model, Kate is the best.
— Eddie Reese, University of Texas Head Coach, Olympic Coach
Kate is a strong role model who has acheived the highest level in the sport and has persevered through the normal ups and downs of any elite swimming career. I have been especially impressed with her strong interpersonal skills. She was an integral part of the strong leadership that the 2012 Women’s Swimming team demonstrated during the London Olympics. I appreciated her candidness and unique perspective. Her insights would be of tremendous benefit for anyone pursuing personal excellence.
— Terri McKeever, 2012 Women's Olympic Swimming Head Coach
Kate is incredible! She is so relatable and fun!! I love that she gives you tools to improve. I use to doubt myself and my abilities, especially when I race. My nerves always got the best of me and I’d get so frustrated. Over the past few years I’ve gained so much confidence, motivation, and I love racing!
— Kelly, mentee

Speaking Testimonials

I truly loved your talk it was one of the very best and most personal I ever heard! And I was not alone by far.
— Peter Sollogub, C7a
Kate’s speech should also be given to the families of cancer patients. My husband was just diagnosed with Leukemia, and this speaker and speech really gave me so much hope during an extremely difficult time.
— Cera Smith, Humane Society
As the founder of a new women’s summit for entrepreneurs and professionals, I knew how important my selection of speakers would be on making an impact and inspiring attendees. I couldn’t have made a better decision than to have Kate kick-off the event with her incredible story. She is wonderful at instantly capturing an audience’s attention and taking them with her through her incredible ability to mix storytelling with motivational speaking. Each woman in the audience could connect to Kate’s story and each walked away feeling inspired and ready to make a change.
— Catherine Porth, Director of Business Development, Survature
As a photographer I was asked to cover an event where Kate was featured. When I photograph folks I watch them closely. And I watch their audience closely also. Kate’s message of inspiration was powerful. She set herself up as an Olympic athlete and quickly became vulnerable. The two qualities of strength and vulnerability are a rare juxtaposition. If you get the chance to hear her speak, do it. I suspect she prepares for speaking like she prepared as a swimmer. And her talent for speaking may be greater than her talent as a swimmer.
— Al Harris, Mile Markers Images
Kate Ziegler spoke to our large networking group of young nonprofit professionals about “Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable,” and every single person in the room walked away feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated. Kate shared practical and useful tips that could be applied right away to turn uncomfortable moments into growth opportunities. She was extremely prepared and engaging, and her warmth and candidness made the talk feel less like a presentation and more like a conversation with a good friend. ABN highly recommends Kate and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the future.
— Tiffani Mensch, Alliance for Better Non-Profits
Kate Ziegler was the first speaker at Knoxville’s Let Her Speak event in March and she had my attention immediately. She is a true storyteller that makes you feel what she is saying because most women can completely relate to multiple parts of her story. While a two-time Olympian, she still experienced not feeling good enough or pretty enough or liked enough. Like most of the women in the room, I was tearing up throughout her story. She left us with many great takeaways including “practice makes permanent, not perfect.” For anyone looking for a motivational speaker for their event, I would highly recommend Kate and I hope to have the opportunity to hear her speak again.
— Glenneth Reed, CEO Firstview Online Marketing
She was phenomenal - everyone loved her. She was so accommodating and personable, we had to pry people away from her to get her out the door in time for her flight home. I’m not sure how she kept her energy level and enthusiasm so high for so long - must be the 1500M training coming into play- the smile never left her face, and every swimmer that was with her felt like they had her complete attention and interest; In addition, her speech was right on the money - everyone was listening attentively, and the message resonated with coaches, swimmers and parents. I have received more compliments on her appearance than I can count - it was the highlight of the event.
— Todd Gordon, CT Swimming board member
I have interviewed hundreds of professional athletes and Olympians, but I have never come across a better story to share than Kate Ziegler’s journey. That is because Kate’s story is as salable with the podium winner as it is with the person who did their best and did not get a medal or trophy. Better yet, Kate’s story is something that can be carried with people in their day-to-day lives, because it gives them hope, which is the oxygen of all dreams. Articulate and stunning, Kate Ziegler is a real model and a role model, and I can never imagine a better speaker to inspire, motivate and unite a group than this two-time Olympian and multiple time World Champion and National Gold Medalist.
— Bob Schaller, Ph.D.; Author of 40 published books