You want to break through barriers, race confidently, overcome setbacks, lead your teammates, earn a scholarship, enjoy your sport, and


You are doing everything to get there. You are focused, dedicated, work hard, eat right, study between workouts, and never give up. Yet, despite it all, it is not happening and you are not sure why. Instead of feeling accomplished and proud of all your hard work you feel:





It is time to create real change and master your mindset with RISE.

RISE is an online, ONE-ON-ONE mental-training and performance mentoring program utilizing sports psychology, mindfulness techniques, and personal experience to customize a mental resiliency plan for athletes. Focused on constant growth and helping the whole person, athletes are equipped with the tools necessary to manage their mindset and emotions to achieve greater clarity, confidence, enjoyment, and success in sport and life.



RISE Program

Individualized, one-on-one mental training mentorship with Kate

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Kate utilizes sports psychology, mindfulness techniques and personal experience to customize a program based on your goals, needs, and schedule. A beginning of the season questionnaire identifies focus opportunities and establishes a baseline for tracking progress.

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Consistency and accountability are paramount to achieving your goals. "Seasons" are scheduled in four month blocks with 14 weekly one-on-one, 30-minute video calls, providing consistent connection for celebrating wins and breakthroughs, discussing and solving setbacks, and reinforcing positive habits. 

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Access to RISE's inclusive platform, including assignments, scheduling, and easy-to-use payments. Worksheets and exercises provide accountability, helping you remain focused on the week's concepts while you continue progressing towards achieving your goals. Additionally, athletes and parents belong to the RISE online community providing additional resources and support, such as e-books and Facebook Live events.

RISE female mentee smiling
“Kate the BEST mentor EVER! I look forward to my sessions with her every single week. I am so much more confident; much more aware of negative self-talk and I’m working to change it; and I compare myself to others much less, which was a huge challenge for me. She’s helped me so much!”
— Jenna, mentee
RISE female mentee swimming
“Kate is AWESOME! Having her as a mentor has made a huge difference in my training and competitions. She’s really nice, easy to talk to, and understand me and my sport. It’s helped so much!”
— Samantha, mentee
Two girls smiling together - Kate Ziegler and RISE mentee
“Kate is incredible! She is so relatable and fun!! I love that she gives you tools to improve. I use to doubt myself and my abilities, especially when I race. My nerves always got the best of me and I’d get so frustrated. Over the past few years I’ve gained so much confidence, motivation, and I love racing!”
— Kelly, mentee



x Frustrated by not achieving goals
x Plateau in performance
x Fear and anxiety before competition
x Lack of confidence in and out of sport
x Feeling “stuck” and limited by injury
x Lack of motivation
x Burnout
x Lack of school, sport, and social balance
x Overwhelmed by internal and external pressure and expectations



+ Defined goals, objectives, and plan
+ Renewed sense of self-confidence
+ Tools to manage fear, anxiety, and other emotions
+ Positive, productive outlook after injury and setback
+ Increased resiliency
+ Control of your mind and perspective
+ Greater school, sport, and social balance
+ Improved grades
+ Greater success and enjoyment in sport and life!


Kate Ziegler sitting in a chair smiling

Hey there! I get where you’re coming from. I get your challenges. I get that sometimes you feel frustrated, unsure, tired, beat down by negative self-talk, and you aren’t sure who to talk to. I get it cause I’ve been there. I lived it.

And, I am here to help you!

From personal experience and working with athletes all around the world, I understand the challenges we face in pursuit of our dreams. Throughout my career, I faced injury (I broke both of my feet jumping into the pool!) and illness, self-doubt and burnout, disappointment and frustration after years of no best times, and more. Probably may of the same challenges you’re facing. While I had amazing people supporting me on my journey, I frequently wished I had someone who could relate on a personal level to me; someone who had been there. That is what I hope to provide you. By working together, you’ll be equipped with the tools to manage your emotions and master your mindset to reach your dreams! You’ll find clarity, confidence, and develop consistent habits for success. I can’t wait to meet you!




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