As a two-time Olympian and World Record setter, Kate Ziegler knows what it takes to be a champion. Like any great athlete in pursuit of an Olympic birth, she learned focus, commitment, and fortitude. However, her journey to the top of the athletic mountain was also marked with injury, illness, and defeat that left her standing in the valley below with one choice - lay down or get back up fighting. By combining stories and lessons from her Olympic experience with proven methods for success, Kate inspires and challenges audiences to redefine success, examine their motivations and processes, and resolve to unleash their inner champion.


Most Popular Topics

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: Confidence is Learned Not Earned

Confidence is one of the strongest drivers of success. While many believe confidence is something earned through titles, accomplishments, and appearance, the truth is confidence is developed like any other skill. It starts with changing habits. During this session you will become aware of habits that are negatively impacting your confidence and learn pragmatic tactics for building the skill of confidence.

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Stepping outside your comfort zone is daunting and requires energy to overcome fear and inertia. However, it is also where creativity thrives and progress and growth lie. Learn to take control of your fears and realize the opportunity to grow, learn, and expand you personal and professional repertoire as you step outside your comfort zone.

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: The Blessing of Failure

Many of us have experienced the anxiety associated with the fear and frustration of failing, despite trying our best. What if your fear is actually contributing to or, worse, causing your failure? Learn from Kate as she shares her experience with the fear of failure and the steps she took to overcome it, along with leading research to help you reach new heights and recognize the surprising blessing of failure.

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: The Many Means of Motivation

Motivation is not magic. It is not a pill to take or switch to turn on. Yet, it feels magical. Motivation is the burning desire and passion to achieve our goals, to persevere, and to find our flow. Sustaining motivation is tough under the best circumstances, especially when seeking motivation externally or in the wrong places. However, it is attainable. Sustainable motivation is a learned skill requiring practice and it begins within.

Learn the importance of self-motivation and practical tips for achieving sustained self-motivation by controlling your emotions and thoughts during this interactive session.

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: Distinguished not Defined: Identity

CEO, athlete, professor, writer, dancer. Job titles that too frequently become our identity. Defining our identity by what we do is dangerous because eventually what we do changes, leaving us on the floor with the rug pulled out from under us, lost, confused, and, at worst, feeling a lack of value. While our titles distinguish us, we must define ourselves by something unshakable, reliable, and complete - our identity in Christ.

Recognize the untruths about your identity and value and discover the freedom you have to be who you were created to be, beyond your job title, as you find your identity in Christ.

 Kate Ziegler Speaking Topic: Faith Testimonial

Like many Christian athletes, Kate's faith impacted her athletics as she sought to glorify God through her swimming; however, with great success came great to perform. Glorifying God became synonymous with success. After a disappointing Olympic showing, Kate felt like a failure in the eyes of everyone around her - including God.

Hear Kate's journey to two Olympics and how NOT winning a medal turned out to be one of the greatest blessings of her career and life. She may have lost one race, but she won the greatest race of all.


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"Kate Ziegler was the first speaker at Knoxville’s Let Her Speak event in March and she had my attention immediately. She is a true storyteller that makes you feel what she is saying because most women can completely relate to multiple parts of her story. While a two-time Olympian, she still experienced not feeling good enough or pretty enough or liked enough. Like most of the women in the room, I was tearing up throughout her story. She left us with many great takeaways including “practice makes permanent, not perfect.” For anyone looking for a motivational speaker for their event, I would highly recommend Kate and I hope to have the opportunity to hear her speak again." - Glenneth Reed, CEO Firstview Online Marketing


Clients Include:

  • United Service Organization

  • KY/TN Water Professionals Association

  • Financial Executives International

  • United States Olympic Committee

  • Red Cross

  • Wounded Warriors

  • Women's Sports Foundation

  • USA Swimming Foundation

  • International Sports Heritage Association

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Center for Sports Peace and Society

  • Let Her Speak

  • Speedo USA

  • Swim Across America

 Kate Ziegler delivering a motivational speech for International Sports Heritage Association

Praise from Previous Clients

I truly loved your talk. It was one of the very best and most personal I ever heard! And I was not alone by far.
— Peter Sollogub, C7a
As the founder of a new women’s summit for entrepreneurs and professionals, I knew how important my selection of speakers would be on making an impact and inspiring attendees. I couldn’t have made a better decision than to have Kate kick-off the event with her incredible story. She is wonderful at instantly capturing an audience’s attention and taking them with her through her incredible ability to mix storytelling with motivational speaking. Each woman in the audience could connect to Kate’s story and each walked away feeling inspired and ready to make a change.
— Catherine Porth
As a photographer I was asked to cover an event where Kate was featured. When I photograph folks I watch them closely. And I watch their audience closely also. Kate’s message of inspiration was powerful. She set herself up as an Olympic athlete and quickly became vulnerable. The two qualities of strength and vulnerability are a rare juxtaposition. If you get the chance to hear her speak, do it. I suspect she prepares for speaking like she prepared as a swimmer. And her talent for speaking may be greater than her talent as a swimmer.
— Al Harris, Mile Markers Images
I have interviewed hundreds of professional athletes and Olympians, but I have never come across a better story to share than Kate Ziegler’s journey. That is because Kate’s story is as salable with the podium winner as it is with the person who did their best and did not get a medal or trophy. Better yet, Kate’s story is something that can be carried with people in their day-to-day lives, because it gives them hope, which is the oxygen of all dreams. Articulate and stunning, Kate Ziegler is a real model and a role model, and I can never imagine a better speaker to inspire, motivate and unite a group than this two-time Olympian and multiple time World Champion and National Gold Medalist.
— Bob Schaller, Ph.D.; Author of 40 published books