Discover your Next Career

One-on-one clarity and career coaching for athletes in transition


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Remember the big dreams you had starting out in your sport? Well, it is time to dream again! First step in finding your path is to determine where you are. During this phase, you will spend one to three sessions discussing your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and where you think you want to go. Understand yourself and your personal and professional desires through personality assessment and assess how your mindset is potentially limiting your success.

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Define your goals and develop a plan and vision for achievement. Kate will lead you in a goal setting process that may remind you of your competitive days of setting immediate, short, moderate, and long-term goals. You will identify potential internal and external pressures, challenges, and obstacles while outlining a success strategy, leaving you feeling more capable, confident, and in control of your next steps. As you progress, you will be provided tools, exercises, and other resources to hone the skills necessary to succeed.

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You have done the hard work and now it is time to execute! You are focused on target industry, targeted companies and have a standout resume and the communication and negotiation skills necessary to close the deal.

Recognize and celebrate your growth and progress as your vision becomes reality. Throughout this phase, weekly meetings provide accountability as you continue refining and building your skills.